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    Dimitris Stamatopoulos, Byzantium after the Nation: The Problem of Continuity in Balkan Historiographies, Budapest: Central European University Press Dimitris Stamatopoulos undertakes the first systematic comparison of the dominant ethnic historio­graphic models and divergences elaborated by Greek, Bulgarian, Serbian, Albanian, Opinii Site Muslim Dating, Turkish, and Russian intellectuals with The title alludes to the seminal work of Nicolae Iorga in the s, Byzantium after Byzantium, that argued for the continuity between the Byzantine and the Ottoman empires.

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    The idea of the continuity of empires became something of a touchstone for national historiographies. Stamatopoulos discusses what Byzantium represented for nineteenth- and twentieth-century scholars and how their perceptions related to their treatment of the imperial model: whether a different perception of the medieval Byzantine period prevailed in the Greek national center as opposed to Constantinople; how nineteenth-century Balkan nationalists and Russian scholars used Byzantium to invent their own medieval period and, by extension, their own antiquity ; and finally, whether there exist continuities or discontinuities in these modes of making ideological use of the past.

    Contents 1.

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    The Discipline of History: Canons and Divergences 2. The Iconoclast Byzantium of the Greek Historiography 1.

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    A Periodization 3. Helleno-Ottomanism: The Response of Constantinople 7. The Iconoclasm as a Conspiracy of the Monarchy 9.

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    The Iconoclasm as Reformation Footnotes: The Denunciation of Helleno-Orthodoxy Byzantium as a Metaphor: Greeks and Slavs The Iconoclast Byzantium and the break from Greek historiography Ecumenism as a Rromantic Rreconstruction The canon of Bulgarian historiography: the model of origins 2.

    Bulgarians: Vandals, Illyrians, or Macedonians? The Middle Ages as a canonical model 4.

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    Byzantism as Imperial Discourse: the parity of Russians and Ottomans 5. The Three Romes 7.

    The meaning of progress and the possibility of an Ottoman Nation Byzantium and Great Idea: the Serbian perspective Ivan I. Namık Kemal and Renan 2. The Management of Time and Space in Islam 5. The Problem of Discontinuity in Albanian History 7.

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    Konstantinos Paparrigopoulos and the Pelasgians 8. The De-Islamification of Albanian History 9.

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    Iconoclasts against Iconolaters: Conclusions 1. Imperial Iconolaters and Nationalist Iconoclasts 2.

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    The Icon as the Representation of the Hegemon 5.