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    Underlines the importance of political dialogue for the empowerment of women and calls for EU delegations to include women, peace and security issues in their political and human rights dialogue with the host government; calls on the Commission, the European External Action Service EEAS and the Member States actively to promote and support the empowerment of women to participate in their relations with countries and organisations outside the EU; 3.

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    Underlines that, since sexual violence, which mostly victimises women and children, is exacerbated by, inter alia, the Dating site uri pentru evrei divide, the spread of violence — both in general and through the militarisation of society in particular — and the breakdown of societal structure, particular attention should be given to, and resources deployed for, the prevention of such war Ivorian Woman Dating Site 9.

    Calls on the Member States to promote the introduction of measures designed to limit the adverse effects of armed conflict on family life; Is appalled that perpetrators of sexual violence continue to escape unpunished; calls strongly for an end to impunity for perpetrators of sexual violence; urges national authorities to ensure that laws relating to impunity are upheld, and calls for the justice system to be strengthened by providing training for judges and prosecutors in the investigation and punishment of cases of sexual violence; calls, therefore, for prosecution cases to be highly visible and well-publicised, as a means of spreading the word that such practices are intolerable; Asks that the issue of impunity be a principal factor in peace negotiations, as there Ivorian Woman Dating Site be no peace without justice, and the perpetrators must be brought to justice and face the penal consequences of their actions; emphasises that impunity must not be negotiable; deplores the fact that judicial proceedings against the perpetrators of violence against women in war are often too slow, creating further distress for the victims, and hence calls for reliable and equitable justice to be delivered within reasonable time limits and with respect for the dignity of women who are victims of war; Demands that women who are victims of ill-treatment and violence during conflicts be able to lodge complaints with international courts under conditions compatible with their dignity and under the protection of those courts against physical assault and trauma as a result of their being questioned in situations which display insensitivity to trauma; demands that in such cases the women concerned obtain both civil and criminal redress, and that assistance programmes be implemented to help them achieve economic, social and psychological reinsertion; Highlights the crucial importance of ensuring that women are equal actors in processes relating to justice reform or transnational justice so that they can efficiently advocate the enforcement of equal rights under national judicial systems; Condemns hostage-taking and calls for stronger punishment of the use of human shields during conflicts; Calls for women prisoners to be housed separately from men, in particular to avoid sexual abuse; Underlines the importance of the right to know the fate of missing relatives, and calls on the parties to armed conflicts to take all feasible measures to account for persons reported missing; Calls for specific provisions affording additional protection to women against rape, forced prostitution and any other form of indecent assault, as well as particular care for expectant mothers and mothers of young children with regard to the provision of food, clothing, evacuation and transportation and medical facilities, in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, as priority areas under the Development Financing Instrument for the period; Calls on the Femeia care cauta un barbat de 70 de ani to examine the possibility of establishing rapid-response units made up of trained personnel such as doctors, psychologists, sociologists and Ivorian Woman Dating Site advisors with a view to providing immediate in situ support to the victims of gender crimes; Welcomes the adoption of United Nations Security Council Resolution requesting detailed information on suspected perpetrators of sexual violence during armed conflict; calls on the Member States to step up their efforts in implementing Resolution ; Stresses the need to complement the image of women as vulnerable victims with an image of women as a highly differentiated group of social actors, who possess valuable resources and capacities and who have their own agendas; maintains that women influence the course of events, and must shape the development process; takes the view that women who have been victims of war should no longer be seen only as war victims, but rather as Ivorian Woman Dating Site in stabilisation and conflict resolution; stresses that women in general Ivorian Woman Dating Site fulfil this role only once they are equally represented in political and economic decision-making; Calls for special attention to be given Ivorian Woman Dating Site gender mainstreaming in the context of peace research, conflict prevention and resolution, peace-keeping operations and post-conflict rehabilitation and reconstruction, and for a gender mainstreaming component in the Country Strategy Papers; Calls on the Member States to adopt, implement and monitor their National Action Plans on women, peace and security; reiterates its call to the EU and Member States to develop in their plans and strategies a set of minimum standards comprising realistic objectives with specific indicators, benchmarks, timelines, allocated budget and an effective monitoring mechanism; underlines the importance of the involvement of NGOs in the development, implementation and monitoring of the action plans; Calls on the EU to ensure balanced recruitment in missions and operations and to promote more women to the leadership level, for example as EU Heads of Delegation to third countries and EU Heads of Mission; Underlines the importance of awareness-raising campaigns in the fight against stereotypes, discrimination based on gender, culture or religion and domestic violence, along with their importance for gender equality in general; notes that these campaigns should be complemented by the promotion of a positive image of women through female role models in the context of the media, advertising, educational materials and the internet; Calls for a specific allocated budget for assessing and monitoring data gathered on the basis of the indicators developed at EU level; calls for specific budget lines for gender expertise, and projects and activities on women, peace and security in CSDP missions; Calls for specific support from the European Institute for Gender Equality EIGE as regards the collection, processing and dissemination of effective gender mainstreaming practices in the implementation of the Beijing indicators in the area of women and armed conflicts; Calls for the Union, when proposing aid for post-conflict reconstruction, to focus on setting up schools with a view to improving education for boys and girls; Welcomes the various initiatives to create gender-specific early-warning and conflict surveillance indicators, such as those taken by UN Women, the Council of Europe, the Swiss Foundation for Peace, International Alert and the Forum on Early Warning and Early Response; Emphasises the importance of putting women at the centre of water supply, sanitation and hygiene policy in conflict and post-conflict areas, and emphasises, therefore, the importance of increasing access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation and water for productive uses; Instructs its Dating femei diepe to forward this resolution to the Council and the Commission, and to the governments of the Member States.

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